Covenant Parrot Place is dedicated to the proper rearing and nurturing of hand-fed babies, natural avian development, abundance weaning, and the long-term care of companion parrots.

As members of the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization, we're a certified affiliate in good standing. Very active in local, national and international parrot-related communities and activities, we're constantly working to make sure that our Parrot Place location is praiseworthy. We support parrot conservation efforts and captive breeding programs across the globe.

As a part of the NPPO, we subscribe to the same philosohpy of excellence to ensure that we're always at the top of our game, offering exemplary value.


No One Else in the Industry Ensures VALUE The Way We Do:

  • One Year Limited Warranty on each bird sold 
  • 24-Hour Emergency Phone Number
  • Written Care and Feeding Instructions
  • A List of Nurturing Guidance Techniques to maintain your birds companion quality and maximize its potential for talking and handling
  • Free Behavioral Consultation for as long as you own the bird


John of Covenant Parrot Place is one of the original founders of the Nationwide Parrot Place Organization, and the visionary behind the Vision/Mission Statements and NPPO Logo. He is also the creator of our tagline "Educating - Developing - Nurturing People and Parrots", a phrase that has been adopted by every location nationwide.


Through the power of informed, talented people operating Parrot Place locations, we wil provide customers with the highest quality Companion Parrots at a superb value. We will offer superior service and support, tailored educational nurturing guidance and training programs, and we will deliver specialty products and services that are easy to buy and use even as we boost the quality and ethical standards of the companion bird industry. 



The purpose of the Covenant Parrot Place and Nationwide Parrot Place Organization is to:

  • Ensure that exotic birds are raised in an environment or proper care and training (We nurture hand-fed babies, foster natural parrot development, and offer abundance weaning) 
  • Educate all Parrot Place customers about the responsibilities of caring for and maintaining companion parrots
  • Provide access to the best resources - private breeders, vendors, and experts in the field of avian specialties - to all of our Parrot Place locations
  • Provide initial and ongoing educational training to all individuals who wish to establish a Parrot Place Location
  • Reduce the need for avian rescue organizations by educating our customers and offering support to them for the entire time they own their companion parrots


Nationwide Parrot Place Organiztion 

* The Parrot Place in Operation Since 1990 and Nationwide Parrot Place Organization in Operation Since 2007.